Ed has 31 years in the arts + entertainment industry producing varied media from websites and interactive multimedia to VFX and animated feature films.

With a background in Visual Arts, Ed was responsible for the style and production of hundreds of hours of film, television and new media products. During this time he lead large teams of artists as Senior Producer for: Energee Entertainment, Australia’s largest animation studio; Photon VFX at Warner Bros Studios; and Oktobor, New Zealand’s finest TVC, film and interactive production studio.

Some of the larger projects that Ed produced components of include: the animated feature film “The Magic Pudding” a multi-million dollar production for 20th Century Fox with an associated website, interactive CD game, DVD title package, and large range of print and plush merchandise; “Tales from the Kangaroo’s Crypt” an interactive CD rom detailing the 4 billion year history of Australia’s unique flora and fauna; VFX for numerous US films including Walt Disney’s “Inspector Gadget 2”, “George of the Jungle 2” and Sony Screen Gems’ “Boogeyman”. He also produced many television series, pilots and interactive products for national and international clients including ABC (Aus), Viacom (USA), Discovery Channel (USA), RTV (Germany) and the BBC (UK).

During this time Ed has still found time to pursue his own creative works. With an Arts Major in sculpture, Ed has created many ceramic sculptures, however, his latest work has been developing a series of pyrographic pieces or ‘pokerwork’ on plywood. This technique produces a textural element to the art as it is burnt into the medium reducing the content to an abstracted collection of tones.